Distribution Transformers

  • Hansen + Genwest oil cooled distribution transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC standards.
  • The oil cooled distribution transformers rating vary from 630kVA up to 20MVA, with the primary voltage up to 33kV and secondary voltage up to 22kV.
  • Available in standard or customised tapping arrangement, with ON-LOAD or OFF-LOAD tap changer.
  • Transformer enclosure can be either hermetically sealed or free breathing, depending on the size as specified by SANS 780 standard.
  • The units are either skid base mounted, wheels or free standing, with cable boxes or outdoor open bushings, fitted with all necessary fittings (WTI, OTI, Pressure Relief Valve, etc.)


Range/Rating 630kVA up to 20MVA, 3 phase, 50Hz.
Primary Voltage Up to 33000V.
Secondary Voltage Up to 22000V.
Tapping Arrangement ON or OFF-LOAD Tap switch, as per customer requirements
Vector Group Dyn11 or as per customer requirements
Cooling Method ONAN
Windings Copper wound with winding temperature monitoring
Insulation Class A, 105°C
Duty Cycle Continuous
Transporter Skid base, wheels or free standing
Atmosphere Underground (non-fiery) or surface
Standards IEC/SANS 60076/1-5/8/11/12 and SANS 780