Range/Rating  1MVA up to 10MVA, 3 phase, 50Hz
Primary Voltage Up to 11000V, single or dual voltage
Secondary Voltage Up to 3300V, single or dual voltage
Tapping Arrangement Off-load, (NOM, +-2.5%, +-5%), or as per customer requirements
Vector Group Dyn11 or as per customer requirements
Cooling Method GNAN
Windings Copper or Aluminium wound with Pt100 temperature sensors
Insulation Class C, 220°C
Duty Cycle Continuous
Transporter Skid base, trailer or free standing
Atmosphere Group 1 gasses
Standards IEC/SANS 60076/1-5/8/11/12 and 60079/0/1/2/14/15/19/25

Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reliable
  • Low noise
  • Low loss and low temperature rise
  • Voltages above 1500V provided with remote switching facility
  • Motorised visual L.V. earthing isolator
  • Type tested
  • Hansen + Genwest Nitrogen gas immersed transformers are designed and built in accordance with IEC standards and are suitable for use in Group 1 gaseous atmosphere.
  • The transformers rating vary from 1MVA up to 10MVA, with the primary voltage up to 11kV and secondary voltage up to 3.3kV.
  • The transformer is equipped with a simplified electrically and mechanically interlocked off-load tap changing mechanism.
  • Hansen + Genwest standard or customised M.V. and L.V. enclosures to meet customer’s applications.
  • Supplied with on board gas bottles, regulator and backup protection.
  • Windings are manufactured from high quality copper conductors and with class C (220°) insulation and is VPI processed.
  • Variable transporter options, including crawler tracks.