Key Features

  • Visual and mechanical Isolation and Earthing.
  • Wide range of overload setting with no component change required.
  • Earth leakage protection and lockout.
  • Smart or diode pilot system.
  • Frozen contactor and vacuum leakage monitoring


Type 1 Outlet 2 Outlet 3 Outlet Lighting Unit Hilti Drill Unit 3 phase Drill Unit
Busbar Rating 630A/1000V 630A/1000V 630A/1000V 630A/1000V 630A/1000V 630A/1000V
Rated Current 425A max 425A max 425A max 425A max 425A max 425A max
Rated Voltage 1100V 1100V 1100V 110V/220V 220V 125V-127V
Rated Power 5kVA 5kVA 4kVA
Circuit Breaker Rating 15kA/1000V 15kA/1000V 15kA/1000V 15kA/1000V 15kA/1000V 15kA/1000V
Contactor Rating 450A/1200V 200A/1200V 200A/1200V 40A/415V 32/150V
Outlet Socket 425A 2 X200A 3 X 200A 3 X 10A 2 X 50A 4 X 50A
CT Ratio 1000/1 1000/1 1000/1
Overload (Adj.) 2 – 1000A 2 – 1000A 2 – 1000A 0.10 – 32A
Short Circuit (Adj.) 4 – 12 X FLC 4 – 12 X FLC 4 – 12 X FLC 10A gG fuse 10A gG fuse
Earth leakage (Adj.) 25 -1000mA 25 -1000mA 25 -1000mA 30mA 30mA 50 – 500mA
E/Leakage delay (Adj) 20 – 1500ms 20 – 1500ms 20 – 1500ms 30 – 100ms
Pilot (range) 0 – 120Ω 0 – 120Ω 0 – 120Ω 22 – 100Ω 45 – 145Ω
  • Hansen + Genwest flameproof Gate End Boxes are designed and built in accordance with SANS standards and
    are suitable for use in Group 1 gasses atmosphere.
  • Gate End Box can be supplied as a single unit or on a skid/trailer in a form of any configuration, to suite customer’s requirements.
  • Available in single, double, triple, lighting and drill outlets integrations, reversing or non-reversing, ranging from 100A up to 400A, with the output voltage 110V, 220V, 550V, 1000V or 1100V.
  • Gate End Box is equipped with backup circuit breaker/isolator with the interrupting capacity of 15kA to meet increased fault levels, incorporated with visual earth switch to satisfy need for improved protection on isolation during repairs and maintenance.
  • The unit uses vacuum contactors to switch the load and also as a reverser, via Victor restrained sockets.
  • To ensure maximum reliability all power connections are bolted type, with contactors and all control system mounted on a removable chassis for ease of service and retrofitting.
  • Each outlet is independently protected by plug in SMS II protection relay.