Meet our team.

Eric Addison
Eric AddisonManaging Director
“Have a clear purpose and core values.”
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Cobus Kruger
Cobus KrugerQuality Manager
“Earn respect, do not enforce it.”
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Frikkie Willemse
Frikkie WillemseResearch & Development Manager
“Where God guides He provides.”
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Brian Ngcobo
Brian NgcoboEngineering Director
“Always aim high, be motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others.”
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Juan Nel
Juan NelFinance Director
“True growth is a product of learning from anyone, and sharing your knowledge with everyone.”
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Hansen + Genwest modern and innovative manufacturers of high-tech, quality and precision mining products

Our Most Valuable
Asset is
Our People.

Hansen + Genwest are currently running 2 major training programs in-house, namely a full apprenticeship program and a program to give recognition for prior learning through the Section 28 Artisan program to the first suitable 10 employees that qualify under the requirements.

Our Vision

To deliver world-class solutions, equipment and service, to increase safety, productivity, and profitability for our customers, best shareholder return and strive to become the employer of choice.

Our Mission

Supplier and manufacturer of innovative and high-tech turn key solutions based on a service centre of excellence to national and international mining and industrialised clients.